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positions All candidates talk the “good talk” by telling voters what they want to hear, yet upon reaching office, most candidates betray their campaign promises.

The issue of viably empowering the people with the means to hold public servants accountable to their oath to support the Constitution(s) is EXTREMELY unpopular. Elected officials face intense pressure to promote agendas beneficial to their deep-pocketed donors rather than preserving the peoples liberty. Non-elected public servants face immense pressure from their employer (the state) to implement the policies passed by the legislature — or face dismissal.

Anyone voicing opposition to the establishment’s status-quo of omnipotent power is effectively shunned and forced out of public life.

If we really want to make a difference, we must force candidates to take a stand, and more importantly, those voicing support must be held accountable by their actions.

Please send this email to all candidates seeking to implement policy which affect our lives. Copy the text for the e-mail (Click this link for a copy of the text) from this site, modify it as desired — such as replacing “Governor (or whatever office they’re running for)” with the correct office, then send it to the candidate with a Blind Copy to

Upon my receipt of the e-mail I will add the candidate to the grid.

When, or if, you receive a response from the candidate, please forward it to the same e-mail ( and it will be added the grid.

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