Click to Download the report "Union or Nation"
Click to Download the report “Union or Nation”

Defend the Oath is dedicated to passing a
to hold government accountable.

WeThePeopleThis initiative will be passed directly by the people and added as written into the Michigan Constitution. It will not be subject to legislative review or modification, but all legislators and public servants will be subject to its provisions.

The initiative consists of three parts:

(1) Defining the offence “Betraying Your Oath of Office”:
The offence of Betraying Your Oath of Office is defined as each instance when a Public Servant betrays their oath to support the U.S. and Michigan Constitutions as required by Article 6 Paragraph 3 of the U.S. Constitution and Article 11 Section 1 of the Michigan Constitution. Those charged with this offence will be held personally liable and have no immunity from prosecution.

(2) Creation of a random, fair, unbiased People’s Grand Jury representing a true cross section of the population to evaluate charges of Betraying Your Oath of Office against public servants:
When people’s constitutional rights are being trampled by government it is imperative that the Grand Jury established to evaluate charges of abuse be created and operated by the people themselves, totally free from government control, rather than organized and operated by the very government charged with instituting the abuse. The makeup of the Grand Jury must consist of a random, unbiased, consistent, cross section of the population represented by the public servant. The initiative itself specifies consistent means to select a random, unbiased, Grand Jury — not unduly influenced by any outside social or political force.

This People’s Grand Jury will have no bearing on the existing court-controlled Grand Jury, but will address only the crime of Betraying Your Oath of Office. The People’s Grand Jury will not determine guilt or innocence, but simply if the charges are probable and reasonable.

(3) Trial by Jury: Charges found probable against public servants by the Peoples Grand Jury will be forwarded to court to be decided before a jury of the people.

tarFeatherIf the public servant is found guilty by a jury of the people the punishment will consist of: 1) Removal from office, 2) Disqualification from holding public office in Michigan, 3) Reimbursement of the Complainant’s court costs and reasonable attorney fees not to exceed the cost of defense, and 4) Forfeiture of retirement rights subject to MCL 38.2703.

If appealed, the Public Servant may not resume duties until the decision becomes final. Appeals of a verdict of the offence “Betraying Your Oath of Office” will be argued before a jury of the people, not a panel of state appointed appeals judges.

Public Servants may be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, for additional crimes according to law.

OathOfOfficeEvery official within this State is REQUIRED, by both the Federal and Michigan Constitutions, to take an oath of office by which they swear on their sacred honor to support the provisions within the United States and Michigan Constitutions.

The Constitution of the United States severely limits federal authority to a few specific functions required for our Union to interact in the world community and repeatedly prohibits Washington from addressing, interfering with, or imposing its will over any aspect of the daily lives of the people or the routine operation of the states.The oath of office requires every official within the State of Michigan to enforce these limitations on government.

How do the people hold government officials accountable when they betray their oath and instead support laws which seek our submission and control?

The most common option today is to plead.

  • Don’t search my home without a warrant!
  • Don’t take my guns!
  • Don’t take my property!
  • Don’t take away my right to a trial by jury!
  • Don’t force me into Obamacare!
  • Don’t militarize our local police!
  • Don’t indoctrinate my kids!
  • Don’t force unconstitutional U.N. directives upon me!
  • Please, Please, Please … and the list goes on and on and on.

And What Happens?

  • Government searches anything, anywhere, anytime without a warrant.
  • We’ve lost our right to a trial by jury.
  • Government restricts gun ownership seeking confiscation and disarmament.
  • The EPA, DNR, and DEQ regulate all aspects of private property and commerce at its discretion without authority.
  • We’re forced into Obamacare.
  • The police are being militarized with the people now considered a threat.
  • Our kids are forced into federalized indoctrination while being blinded to the greatness of our founding principles.
  • Government ratifies unlawful treaties negating our Constitutional protections while destroying our national sovereignty.

The majority of elected officials and bureaucrats ignore every aspect of the Constitution and consider our “rights” privileges granted by government. They do not seek to secure our liberty but instead our submission through growth of government imposed by enforcement of unconstitutional laws. Allegiance is given to those able to provide power and wealth. There is no accountability to the people.

Regardless of their behavior, the FACT is that within the State of Michigan our rights come from God, our Creator, as explained within our Declaration of Independence. We the People established and ordained our Constitution to protect our unalienable rights, limit government, and secure our liberty. The Constitution is the supreme law of the Land.

SOLUTION: Re-establish by law the ability of the people to hold government at all levels accountable through this Michigan Constitutional Amendment Initiative.

Milton Friedman correctly observed that politicians will only do right when it’s in their best interest to do so. This initiative provides that incentive.