It Won’t Work — the Court System is too Corrupt

The court system is corrupt as it stands now — especially when opposing the state. This initiative is designed to counteract the protections of the state which seem to fly in the face of our constitutional protections.

This initiative dictates specific requirements for the public trial including returning constitutionally protected rights back to the people:

1) The trial must be held in front of a jury of the people (as required via the 7th Amendment), not in front of a single judge.

2) The trial must be scheduled in a “speedy” manner (as required via the 6th Amendment).

3) The Judge cannot limit constitutional arguments presented by either the plaintiff or defense (as required by the 1st Amendment).

4) The costs of prosecution and defense must be paid for by the plaintiff and defendant. This requirement counteracts the tactic of providing the state, or it’s “public servants”, with unlimited taxpayer-funded legal services while the normal citizen is virtually forced into bankruptcy.

5) Appeals of the civil court verdict must be heard before another trial of the people. It cannot be decided by a judge(s) employed by the state.

6) If any individual does not follow the dictates of this initiative, — such as the judge, clerk, etc, the offense may be brought before the People’s Grand Jury, and if found valid the County Sheriff must incarcerate the offending individual until the offense is rectified.

The initiative is designed to force the state, and our “public servants”, to abide by the same conditions as the people.