The process will be co-opted by either the political right or left.

Justice must be blind.

The problem we have in every aspect of government today is the allegiance to party or rather than to the people through the Constitution.

The triple random-selection provisions for jury selection within this initiative are designed to ensure that the chosen jury represent a true cross section of the population — not skewed based on political ideology.

Selection is not limited to registered voters, but all Michigan residents over the age of 18 not associated with the existing court system. This ensures that those individuals disenfranchised with government, but still subject to their jurisdiction, are represented.

First, all potential jurors will listed in a random order for selection.

Second, from this list 2,500 individuals, chosen based on a randomly chosen increment, will be selected for potential service. Each will be sent a return confirmation notice which must returned by desiring jurors by a designated return date. The order in which individuals are selected will be retained.

Third, as of the designated return date, the twenty six jurors with the lowest selection number will be chosen for service.

Based on this triple, random-selection process, it is virtually impossible to stack the grand jury based on ideology,